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Narrative art


skyline art

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environmental art\

The Historama:  Narrative Art

Andre Miripolsky has the unique talent for telling stories through his unique "Historama" style of narrative art.    Andre spends time getting to know the place and creates vivid, exciting and engaging full scale murals which can be understood and enjoyed by all!    Contact us to learn more about the process of creating a Historama for your city, organization or special event.


MOntery California Historama

 The Past - The Present  - Urban Wave


Monterey historama:  agriculture

The "Agriculture" section of the Monterrey Historama visually narrates the importance which agriculture has and continues to play in the lives of Monterrey residents.


Monterey Historama:  Culture

Monterrey's Culture is as diverse and cherished by its residents as much as its natural landscape and beauty.  

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Full scale mural

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LA Schools don’t have enough art supplies for all our children!

Art helps kids learn who they are, what they like, how to communicate and gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride! Art is NOT a luxury!

The Viva LA™ Arts Initiative has partnered with the LA Arts Alliance to purchase much needed art supplies and provide them directly to the teachers, schools or community art programs in need. We rely on the generosity of corporations and individuals who understand the power of art. Thank you for your generosity!

For each “Patron” level contribution of $ 5000 or more, iconic pop artist Andre Miripolsky has agreed to donate the painting of your choice from his “Viva LA” series featuring the LA Sharks! Please include your choice of painting in the Note section of the donation form or email with your selection.


gift of Art to LA School Kids!

PLEASE see below or visit Andre’s virtual studio to select which painting you would like as your gift for your generous 100% Tax Deductible support of $ 5000 or more.