Special ANNIVERSARY Retrospective Exhibition

@  GOOGLE Los Angeles

Aug 1 – Oct 31, 2019, Private Showings by Invitation Only


“Viva LA: 50 Years” is a retrospective highlighting 50 years of the ground breaking work of Los Angeles based artist Andre Miripolsky in acknowledgement of his pivotal role in leading the West Coast Pop Art movement alongside his New York contemporaries such as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, and Jean-Michel Basquiat – and in celebration of Miripolsky’s “Viva LA” slogan and artwork which inspired the new iconic brand to promote LA around the world.

Beginning in the late 1970’s in the East Village, and continuing throughout the 1980’s, New York enjoyed a seminal creative period that reaffirmed its place as the epicenter of the Post-war artistic universe.  Concurrently in Los Angeles, outside the grasp of the New York-centric art establishment, Andre Miripolsky was creating his own unique style of outsider “Pop Art Noir” work being celebrated by Angelenos and music superstars such as Elton John and Bette Midler.   Outside of LA Miripolsky’s legacy of talent had slipped under the radar – until now.

This show is a cross section of Miripolsky’s work created between 1969 and 2019 which highlights his bold and innovative use of Line, Color, Composition, Texture, Materials, Words, Humor, Politics, Positivity, Irony and Sex to tell his story of the human condition.

Miripolsky’s “Pop Noir” style can be at the same time uplifting, humorous, ironic, lighthearted, shocking and even hilarious…but his use of the “Noir”  - taking the form of shark teeth, provocative words or unexpected imagery is the genius of Miripolsky’s distinctive narrative “Pop Art Noir” style.

During this inflection time in LA’s history, “Viva LA: 50 Years” tells the untold story of LA’s Pop Art master who continues to inspire and bring art to the street with his artwork inspiring the logo for the new iconic brand created to promote Los Angeles at home and around the world….VIVA LA!