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Its 1969 and Iā€™m chasing my dreams of coming to Los Angeles armed with hope.

Let the sunshine in!

The first eighteen years of my existence on this planet was like a huge speeding comet!

I was born in Paris and then moved on to Austria,Thailand, Iran, Indonesia and Korea.  Upon graduating from high school in Korea, I jumped on the closest jet and plopped myself down in Los Angeles and have been an ecstatic LA resident ever since.

This 50 year retrospective of my work was all made in LA since 1969.  Every bit of it!  Its a small sampling of how I have been influenced and inspired by this city of angels.

I have found and have made Los Angeles my home and am proud to exclaim  after 50 years, 


I found my bliss in making conscious art by the time I was eight inspired by my father, also an artist.  His position as a cultural attache in American Foreign Service provided me with an outstanding childhood, exposing me to many cultures in my formative years.   Art supplies were always around , so I grabbed them up and never put them down.  They became my best friends and a vitally organic and intrinsic part of my character.

I've always had a singular vision of being an artist.  Art has been my Muse, my excitement, my wonder, my anxiety, my image to the world and to myself.

I'm a multi media artist always looking for the next big question and its solution.  "Fear No Art" has been my life's mantra, taking risks, making bold moves and turning up the heat.  The variation and evolution of my work has been produced by waking up and consistently doing my job as an artist - to interpret, express and hopefully impact the people and world around me.

I have persevered , reinvented myself and intend to keep doing so until my last breath!

Los Angeles is a unique and culturally vibrant city and will continue to dedicate myself to celebrating its vital and inspirational energy.  VIVA LA! 

-Andre Miripolsky, 2019